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Electronic Identity (eID) Application Guide
for Software Developers

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The aim of this guide

In accordance with the contract between the Estonian Information System's Authority and Cybernetica AS, and within the framework of the EU structural funds programme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society", Cybernetica AS has produced an Electronic Identity (eID) Application Guide for Software Developers and conducted necessary analyses and research in the period from 30 March 2012 to 31 October 2012.

The Application Guide provides the basic knowledge required for the creation of eID usage environments. eID refers to the Estonian ID card, digital ID, the electronic residence card, digital stamp and mobile ID as well as, in specifically mentioned cases, the electronic identities of other countries. The guide is divided into two main parts:

  1. Introduction of eID and its present possibilities for application;
  2. Source code examples in C++, PHP, Java, Javascript and .NET, for MS Windows and Linux platforms. As requested by the customer and due to scope limitations, this version of the guide does not cover the MacOS X platform.

Target audience. Presuppositions

The target audience for this work is IT architects and software developers, as well as persons responsible for IT development contracting. The text part of the guide presupposes familiarity with the basic terms and concepts of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), like "digital signature", "certificate", etc. The source code part of the guide presupposes familiarity with the respective programming language or framework. End users are not a target group of this work.


Abbreviation Meaning or explanation
CA Certification Authority
DSA Digital Signatures Act
IDA Identity Documents Act
OCSP Online Certificate Status Protocol (protokoll sertifikaadi kehtivuse kontrolliks)
EISA Estonian Information System's Authority
DSIS The Department of State Information Systems of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
SK AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (Certification Centre)
SMIT IT and Development Centre, Ministry of the Interior
STORK Secure Identity Across Borders Linked

A short introduction to eID

Facilities for identification, authentication, and digital signing

An overview of the application areas of eID

General information for developers

Using eID with existing applications

Creating new eID applications

Using the ID card as a loyalty card and in access control systems. Implementation analysis

Using the ID card as a loyalty card and in access control systems

Implementation analysis

Cross-border eID, STORK and the European Citizen Card

Sample applications